DJ Touré ft. Casual “Streets Love It” Video | @djtourehiero @smashrockwell

Directed by Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy.

Here’s some newness from a couple Heiroglyphics members. Check.

DJ Touré, the venerated DJ/producer for the Hieroglyphics crew, has had a very busy 2012; between running his Bay Area-based production company, 101% Music and producing songs for the likes of E-40, Dolla Will, and Erk Tha Jerk, it’s amazing that he had time to perfect his long-awaited new album, Touré’s Theory: Session One. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what he did, and is now announcing that Session One be released on February 19th via Hiero Imperium.

Touré’s project features a plethora of both Bay Area newcomers and rap veterans like Too $hort, Mistah FAB, and The Jacka. Also appearing on Session One is a number of his Hiero brethren, including long-time friend and collaborator Casual. The two recently teamed up for Touré’s latest video, a hazy, nebulous visual for the song “Streets Love It.” Directed by Dylan Freitas-D’Louhy, the video looks like something ripped off a broken VHS tape with revolving frames and grainy footage, and shows both Touré and Casual rhyming in front of glow-in-the-dark hieroglyphic paintings and fine females.

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