Dj-V – “Maniac 4: Revenge” (Release)

DJ-V returned late last month for revenge against everything basic, and yesterday he dropped his Maniac 4: Revenge. We shared his Maniac 3: Minister release a couple months back, too. Listen to the Santa Clara rapper’s latest project below, with a personalized write up about his music.

What is normal? Ask Dj-V that question. If normal was a city on a world map then he would be blacklisted as an immigrant. With a flow that pierces like shattered glass and heart full of god knows what, the Californian 21 year old Dj-V drives such a creative yet questionable type of content and rap music that makes us wonder one question…What. The. F*ck. This young man or as he says “MANIAC”, comes from a life of crazy memories, verbal and mental abuse, a long line of abandonment, with a side of neglect to add with the meal that totals up to a pretty shitty life. After stumbling across a pen and pad with a mind trip of inspirational dreams and a soul full of horrific creativity, he brings us a track titled “REVENGE” that is a minute and fifty seconds long. He describes it as one of his shortest but deadliest tracks around on his Soundcloud catalog. This is a track without a hook, just a bunch of bars that leave such an impact and puts you in a vibe so abstract that even Freddy Kruger would probably piss his pants after hearing it. This is the same track that inspired the upcoming mixtape “MANIAC 4:REVENGE”, which will be released on April 8th of this year on Soundcloud, iTunes, Tidal, and other musical platforms across the web. So to really sum it all up, if you want something other than guys that rely on autotune to make a hit, if you need something other than crappy pop songs that get stuck in your head for no apparent reason, if you hate the simple and plain flows that your local rap artist place on DatPiff… Then this is the track that will shake you up this season.


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