Dj-V – “MANIAC 3: Minister” (Release)

Santa Clara, California’s own Dj-V just recently dropped The MANIAC Minister, a high-energy full-length project. There is production from MadReal, Freeze On The Track, Tone Jonez, and Jay Oliver. This project is intense. Listen and read a little bit more about the emcee below. You can also find out more by hitting up his website

Dj-V is an enigmatic kind of person who always pushes the envelope til it falls in a paper shredder full of written lyrics of other rappers. He is mostly described as either a young Tech N9ne with his fast paced lyrics and aggression or just a rapper that has completely lost his sh*t due to all the things he went through coming up. Coming out of Santa Clara, CA, then later on moving to Cincinnati, OH, he grew up with music around him at a young age and it became a long lasting feeling after seeing his father make beats on his Casio keyboard. He grew up off of different artists, old and new, from Eminem to Gucci Mane. Growing up, he had a very low self esteem and it got to him as he matured through his years. He would get teased and bullied about his height, the way he dresses, and also the way he spoke. When he reached freshman year, he heard an instrumental and started to write. From then he made his first song and became addicted to the craft and began to write in book after book. He later on created his group called “Horror Flick Inc. Flick Em All” which didn’t have that many members but 2 and it consisted of a concept of Jason Vorhees and how he always got put down by others but came back harder. Thats what he compares his group to. In the year 2013, he released his first mixtape “Who Is Dj-V?:The Mixtape” and began to push out more and later on created the “MANIAC” series (MANIAC:The Mixtape, MANIAC 2:RESURRECTION, and his latest release MANIAC 3:RESISTANCE). His latest release “MANIAC 3:RESISTANCE” is now out on SoundCloud for download. He has more projects in the works and left us with these words to say. “As the days grow longer, I will continue to make that real Horror Flick shit for the ears of the people who are tired of the autotune that rots their eardrums. I promise you I will change this era of rap forever, keep it Horror Flick kids.” – Dj-V


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