Dominique Larue – “Coin Toss” (Video) & Interview w/ BDTB

Ohio’s own Dominique Larue is back with a new video for “Coin Toss,” which is a song from her upcoming Help Me, I’m Poor EP. The EP was produced in its entirety by Soop of The Magna Media Group, and the video was directed by Joe Lewis.

Aside from watching the video above, we sent Larue some questions about her new EP, and she hit us back with some answers below. Check that out and then head over and pre-order from iTunes ahead of her March 10th release date.

BDTB: I saw the reference to Bridesmaids on the album cover and title, what’s the relation to the title and the project?
Dominique Larue: Well, Bridesmaids is one of my favorite movies ever and that scene where Annie says, “help me, I’m poor,” is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. She definitely said it in a sarcastic way and she was blacked out on Xanax and whiskey, but my goodness she was hilarious. Although I’m serious when I say help me, I’m poor, one of my goals is to make people laugh. Also considering the irony of the cover.

BDTB: I see you worked with Soop on this project. How was it made? Did you work together often, virtually, etc.?
Dominique Larue: Soop is my manager/producer. This project is a long time coming. I’ve been knowing him for some years now and I’ve always wanted to work with him and was able to make it happen in 2015 on a business level and a creative level.

BDTB: I see in the credits of your “Coin Toss” video that there are credits to the Wild Bitch Crew. What’s that?
Dominique Larue: Wild Bitch Crew is a collective of women, friends that I’m apart of. We don’t put up with anyone’s shit…you are not our dad and you cannot tell us what to do. All the women in the video are apart of Wild Bitch Crew.

BDTB: What’s your favorite track from the new EP and why?
Dominique Larue: Idk is my favorite track. It was the last addition to the project and definitely sets the tone. I’m bearing my soul on the track. I talk about being poor and the depression that comes along with it.

BDTB: Anything else going on you want to mention?
Dominique Larue: The whole entire month of March my management, The Magna Media Group, will be releasing music every Friday and we kicked things off on 3/3 with Tha Audio Unit’s V I B E S S 3. If you’re not familiar then check back every Friday to listen to our releases.

Coin Toss is a combination of aggression and witty wordplay as well as confidence and a little bit of bragging. Larue, with the help of Director Joe Lewis, was able to not only display that aggression but also showcase womanhood and togetherness with the help of Wild Bitch Crew. Producced by Soop & MyRookieYear.

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