Dominique Larue & J. Rawls – “Almost There” (Release)

Ohio’s Dominique Larue and J. Rawls have teamed up for an emcee-producer collaboration titled Almost There. The project dropped early yesterday, along with a Michael Anthony-directed video for “F**kin Jerk,” and clocks in at 10 tracks. There are features from Copywrite, Bobbi Townes, Valure, Apani B. Fly, and Boog Brown.

All songs mixed and mastered by E of Steezo Sounds except for “Us Tonight,” that was mixed by J. Rawls.

Since 2011, there have been plenty of late night sessions over the years in the studio where magic happened bringing us to, Almost There. A diverse musical collage of dope beats from J. Rawls and dope rhymes from Dominique Larue where she captures the ups and downs of life, pain, and love. With the assistance of HiPNOTT Records, Larue and J. Rawls hope that once the world gets a hold of Almost There, fans will appreciate the journey and understand that life is truly for the living.


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