What To Expect from BDTB in 2014

We would like to thank everybody that has rocked with us not only in 2013, but also the years before. This previous year was our best as far as growth, and we’ve made a lot of strides that will help us share our message of great art moving forward. Being said, you can expect more great things from us in 2014!

The first thing that you may notice is that our posting structure is changing up a bit. We went from sharing about 10 posts a day in 2012, to around 4-7 a day in 2013. Below is what you can expect moving forward:

Monday 6-9 hip hop related posts per day; Indianapolis area event suggestions for the week
Tuesday 6-9 hip hop related posts per day
Wednesday 6-9 hip hop related posts per day
Thursday 6-9 hip hop related posts per day; Primarily submissions will be shared
Friday 6-9 hip hop related posts per day
Saturdays: 4-6 Soul/R&B/Eclectic related posts
Sundays: 4-6 Beats/Production related posts

The content throughout the week basically be the same as you’ve been seeing, but we’re making all weekends be a little bit specific to some stuff that we like and want to showcase more of. We are working on a way to get to the submissions a bit faster as well, so hopefully we won’t have as large of a wait for your submissions to hit the site. There will still be at least a one-two week buffer time, but the hopes are that none will reach the month mark this year.

What else? What about events?

We did a lot in 2013 as far as events are concerned, including a big showing at ORANJE 2013, bringing Oddisee, Homeboy Sandman, Psalm One, Open Mike Eagle, Fresh Kils, and a handful of others to Indy, but we are toning down on events moving forward. We will continue to have our monthly Writer’s Block event at Sabbatical every month, and it’s looking like it will continue to be the first Sunday of the month. We are still going to throw events, but our focus will be on larger ones moving forward.

Aside, you can still expect random contests, compilations, sponsorships, and many of the random things you’ve seen in the past to continue. Look for us to expand on our BABA (Be A Better Artist) idea in 2014, as well as a production based sister business to start up in the first quarter of the year, and know that we are always looking for talented contributors. Hit up the contact page if interested in being a part of the team!



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