Full|REBEL|Jacket ft. BJ The Chicago Kid “Purple Lights” Video | @FullRebelJacket @BJTheChicagoKid

Directed by Full|REBEL|Jacket.

Full|REBEL|Jacket has just released their visual for Purple Lights, and it is a very artistic video that actually tells us the story of song, which features BJ The Chicago Kid.

“Purple Lights,” says Full |REBEL| Jacket, is a song that serves as a testament to motivation and perseverance, of always striving for more. The video for “PurpleLights,” like “Stray Bullet,” is self-directed – Full |REBEL| Jacket also wrote the treatment – and also like “Stray Bullet,” the video doesn’t actually feature any of the artists from the song. Instead, the video, inspired by the current summer Olympics, tells the story of the track, following a determined athlete as he pushesthrough a tiring, strenuous workout. “Most videos today only show the glory associated with achievement,” says Q. “We wanted to show the hard work that goes into becoming great.”

I want to be a mailman in the fifties... without the racism.

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