Grey Granite “Old School Playa 2 New School Cool” Release | @GreyGranite

Here’s a new best-of type of mixtape from Naptown’s Grey Granite. Check the track-listing and the latest J. Brookinz single below.

01. Lost Boys ft. Lorenzo Franco & Yo Ayy Tee
02. Don’t Try To Out Do me
03. Armando Alvarez ft. Blake Allee (Prod. A1 Stress)
04. HAM (Hot Ass Mess) ft. Bob G. Barker
05. Dramamine ft. Blanco & Pope Adrian Bless
06. Thin Line ft. J. Brookinz
07. Mighty Hungry
08. Critical Mass
09. Tip Yo Hat
10. All Hate ft. Bob G. Barker
11. CopCar
12. Lifted ft. Blake Allee, Skittz, Tony Styxx (Prod. Lonegevity)
13. Fck Off
14. You’re Mine ft. Dorsh, Freddie Bunz, Oreo Jones, C-Rayz Walz, Boss L
15. I Am Not
16. Future Ninja ft. Oreo Jones & Flaco
17. Can’t Get It ft. J. Brookinz
18. You Are Lame ft. Bob G. Barker & J. Brookinz
19. No Joke
20. Armando Alvarez Remix ft. Blake Allee (Prod. Bad Miko)

Download “Old School Playa 2 New School Cool (#OSP2NSC)” via Mediafire


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