Icebird (RJD2 x Aaron Livingston) “Charmed Life” | @rjd2

Here’s a dope track. They’ll be playing at Skully’s in Columbus, OH this Saturday. Check out more info here.

“For me, ‘Charmed Life’ is about struggling to maintain sanity when it seems like the world around you is falling apart,” explains Aaron Livingston, who notes that the song was inspired by a drunken argument with his girlfriend. And while that explanation alone may prove the song title difficult to decipher, Livingston adds, “I’ve been through some difficult things, like anyone, but I’ve also been lucky to do some extraordinary things with extraordinary people, and be involved in some really cool stuff. I really do believe I live a charmed life, though I sometimes forget.”

Opening to the beat of reverb-heavy snaps and plucked piano keys, Livingston sings “I got beans/ And a bowl of rice/ What I need/ Is some strong advice,” lines that easily resonate struggle for those among us who’ve lived on steady – if not so healthy – diets of beans, rice, pasta, and Ramen. But with the hook comes a brighter tone musically, the soul in Aaron’s voice spilling over as he sings, urging, “Let’s be civilized/ We’ll live a charmed life.”



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