iStandard Interview with ILL Brown | @ILLBrown

Here’s an interview that ILL Brown has done with iStandard

What’s good Ill Brown, let everyone know a little about yourself.

What’s good iStandard! Well I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I’ve been producing since 1994 and seriously since 1998. I also work at Dragons Room studios as a mix and recording engineer with my mentor and iStandard brand rep Albert “Aok” Mayden.

Describe the hip hop production scene in the Chi?

The production scene is crazy! Chicago is a gold mine of talent. Producers like my partners Maja 7th & Aok keep me on my toes 24/7. Then the young lions like Slot A, Red Bull big tune winner, J Rell, Nascent, D-Que, Trumaine, Wes P, Serious, Don Productions, and Twin Beats. The present as well as the future looks bright!

When did you get your start in production?

I always messed around with making beats when i begged my mother for this boss sampler that I hooked her record player up to. My home boy Ves 120 was using a ASR X and he started showing me the ropes and it was on from that point going forward.

What gear or software are you currently using?

Right now I’m using an assortment of gear and software. My go to set up right now is an MPC 2500 and Reason 4. But I’ve also used logic as well as making tracks directly in pro tools 8.

Congrats on winning the iStandard Producer Show, how has that experience helped your career?

It’s helped out a great deal. It’s given me the respect of my peers and given me a lot of exposure. It’s a great accomplishment for any producer to have on their resume.

Let’s talk about your new release ‘Hotter Than July’…what was your creative approach to the project?

With the “Hotter Than July” project we wanted to prove that Chicago artist could come together and collaborate on a particular concept and prove that Chicago is not the city of haters!

Who are some of the artists on the CD and how was the experience with working with so many talented emcee?

Man… Everybody from Shayla G and Gemstones, formerly of Lupe Fiasco’s FnF label, to Dave Coresh and Twone Gabz came out and showed love! Everyone was humble and ready to work. Download the album and enjoy!

Now that the project is out there, how has the feedback been?

The response has been great! I did a Google search and the project just keeps spreading like wildfire! Shout out to every blog site and our sponsors for the love.

What are your next projects? Anything we should look out for in near future?

I got some work with Gallardo Tone of Last Dragon Entertainment, in which Aok is the CEO, of and Papi Jamon a dope Emcee out of Chicago. I’ve got a few surprises I’ll keep iStandard posted on. I can’t say for legal purposes right now.

Where can we find you online?

I can be contacted via twitter @ILLBrown, and, and

Any shouts and plugs?

Shout out to my family Last Dragon Entertainment, Maja 7th, Pete Sayke, Papi Jamon, my W.B.C. Magazine family, Bringing Down The Band, Fakeshore Drive, Chicago and Harold’s Chicken Shack!


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