Izzy Jone$ “Squid” Release | @FakeIzzyJones

Welcome to the interesting life of Izzy Jone$. Produced and scored entirely by random Chinese operas, Izzy takes everyone on a conceptual journey through the world of a squid king. Wait, maybe I interpreted that wrong. What is this really? It’s a collection of dope cuts that join together quite nicely. Oh, and he’s only like 15. Bump and read more about the project below.

This is a concept album that I’ve crafted in no less than a year about a king with a new kingdom and queen that soon betrays him along with his right-hand man to whisk her away, but at the end is saved. The production is invigorating, the rhymes are sharp and the mix is clear.

But what makes this so special? The story is like a double-entendre or triple or quadruple. It also references how a new, artist gets sent into the industry and gets betrayed, by say a label, but still is saved by the music. Now throughout the album, dreams are mentioned. In reality, this is all a dream, you just don’t know that.


I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.