J. Phynix ft. Prohaize “Rose Gold Satisfaction” | @JPeriodPhynix @Prohaize

It really won’t take much of your time. No it won’t…to give this track from Atlanta’s J. Phynix a bump. Sure, the artwork leaves something to desired, but I’m digging this funky joint. The track features, and is produced by, Prohaize.

People may associate “rose gold” with jewelry, more specifically watches. When people reflect on their time, it is filled with happiness, sadness or heavily, emotional-based stories. “Satisfaction,” can vary from person to person depending on their morals and beliefs. *“Rose Gold Satisfaction*” expands on a light-hearted view of time through *J. Phynix* and *Prohaize’s *perspectives; it embodies the necessity of making the most out of time and experiencing it with those who truly matter.


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