J. Brookinz x Grey Granite “Gateway 2” Release | @jbrookinz @greygranite

I’m a day late because I was out of town all day yesterday, and couldn’t master the phone post, but check it out. Make sure you come out to Rock Lobster on 4/20 for the release party. I hear there will be some performances that evening.

On the follow up to his acclaimed album The Gateway Drug: THC, his highness J. Brookinz comes correct with a crew of 28 collaborators and the producer’s take on psy rock. Bringing his typical partner-in-crime Grey Granite into the mix this time around, the duo put together an ensemble cast composed of some of the dopest lyricists in Indianapolis. The project’s incredible collaborative feel came from a 48 hour studio session in which Brookinz and Grey recorded with 20+ musicians. The epic studio lock-in was facilitated by indie rock band The Kemps and the use of their practice space Helter Shelter. This is the perfect album to jam over the upcoming 4:20 holiday, and if you live in Indianapolis, come check out the release party on April 20th at Rock Lobster in Broad Ripple!

J. Brookinz x Grey Granite present Gateway 2 by Heavy Gun 2011


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