J.Nolan x Yung B Da Producer “The Upbringing LP” Release | @J_Nolan

J.Nolan and Yung B Da Producer have teamed up for the full-length release of The Upbringing LP. Give this a listen below. Bong. Additionally, I’ve added another track by J.Nolan that’s produced by Seize Beats.

The choice is yours on whether or not to pay for this album. If you believe in the quality of music and feel compelled to spend your hard earned money on The Upbringing, you are very much appreciated. If not, we still appreciate your time and there are other forms of compensation like spreading the word to any & everyone you think would like it. Much love and respect, God bless.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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