JNTHN STEIN – “Changes” (Release)

Check out this dope three-track EP from JNTHN STEIN, titled Changes, that dropped in our inbox this past week. If you like dope instrumental vibes, you’ll like this.
Press play and give this beat project a listen below.

Brooklyn-based producer and classically trained multi-instrumentalist JNTHN STEIN delivers his debut solo EP ‘Changes.’ A unique fusion of live instrumentation and innovative production that walks the blurred line between electronic and live music, STEIN’s ‘Changes’ is out now on etcetc Music.

The title track on the EP – ‘Changes’ – deploys animated, upfront synths, delicate piano and a re-pitched vocal to immediate effect. STEIN’s inspirations from jazz, hip-hop and electronic music are evident in the production, and indeed the entire EP, with his grasp of melody only complimented further by his skills in arrangement.

‘CMPRSSN’, the second track on the EP, swells in peaks and troughs, fusing smooth Rhodes piano ostinatos into lush atmospheres and live percussion. STEIN’s musical ability is clear, with rich aesthetics and textures combining to form a complete sonic experience – soulful electric guitar, bass riffs and synth lines work in harmony to create an orchestral wall of sound, topped only by a searing vocal from the man himself.


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