Listen To DJ Boogie Bang & Naptown Connection’s “NAPC: Volume 2” Compilation (Release)

Naptown Connection and DJ Boogie Bang recently dropped a compilation, titled NAPC: Volume 2, of a variety of Indianapolis songs. There are 25 songs on the mix from a variety of Indianapolis artists. Press play below and look into the artists if you like what you hear.

There are songs from Riko V, Mathaius Young, Drayco McCoy, HUMAN, Swan Laak, Poindexter, Nagasaki Dirt, FLACO, Spacedad, Fresh Duzit, Robb Skee, Mula Kkhan, Yella, Robby Fairfax, Abe Linx, Tully Cicero, Jeremiah Stokes, Larry Cartier, EJAAZ and more.

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