Little Brother “Atari 2600”

Not to hit everyone with a serious note, considering we just dropped an exciting new release, but I lost a close friend tonight due to health issues. He was not only a great friend and supporter of this site and my musical endeavors, but he was a true friend. A brother of mine. Not an acquaintance that comes in and out of your life, but a guy I could always depend on. One of those friends that carries your brother on his shoulders when he’s too drunk to walk on his 21st. One of those dudes that’ll split a $135 taxi ride back to town because the designated driver got drunk and passed out on someones porch with the car keys. The type of dude that took care of his family.

This song right here reminded me of when we used to clown back in the day. I’ma hit the purple-bagged liquor heavy in a couple days in honor of my brother, Z (aka Crown). Miss you, man.


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