Lo-Fi Social Radio (Ep. 15) w/ Fable

Slot-A is back tonight with his weekly Lo-Fi Social Radio show, and before that airs you can check last week’s episode 15 with Fable. The Lo-Fi Social will return to Chicago on July 31st at Sub-T. Make sure you listen to episode 15 below, but you can also tune in live tonight at at 10:15pm EST for a new episode.

You can also listen on Soundcloud.

This episode of Lo-Fi Social Radio is brought to you by Slot-A, & our sponsor, No Bad Ideas. This episode we play some Stro Elliot, Terrace Martin, Butcher Brown, DJ Harris & more. We had Fable came by to do a beat set and talk about his upcoming releases & Infnt Pwr Clothing Brand. Lo-Fi Social Radio is hosted by Slot-A every Wednesdays 10:15p-1a CST Broadcasting audio and video on

Mogotvibez – Far-away
Mo-Vibes – Far Away

Prodbyxander – Anewplace
Xander – A new place

Laxcitymusic – Drake-pound-cake-redo-2
laxcity – Cound Pake

Othellohou – Smile
Otxhello – Smile

Bsolomonsangs – Relax
Bsolomonsangs – Relax

Dilsound – Freq-ft-tuamie
Dil withers – Freq

Romderful – I-want-you-ft-wade-1
I Want You by Rom

Dedunamis – Peaks
deDunamis – Peaks

Hazeldizzy – Grawlix-when-it
Grawlix – When It Hurts

Sodirt – Fether
Fether – Truly Yours (SODIRT Remix)

Iamwntr – Whoshe
wntr – whoshe

Radiojuicy1 – Yzno-brooklyn
Yzno – Brooklyn

Jedi-jordan – Purple
Jedi Jordan – Purple.

West1ne – Five
west1ne – 5

Terrace-martin-music – 11all-year-terrace-martin-featpreston-harris
Terrace Martin – All Year

Rndysvge – Flpmde

Iamcoenrice – Elevate
coen rice – elevate
DJ Harrison – Stashedboxez

The-kount – Only-human
The Kount – Only Human

Coastal – Honesty-a-rarity
coustal – honesty, a rarity

Mutant_academy – Foisey-sewhrd
foisey. – SewHrd

Butcherbrownrva – Rock-the-boat-remix
Butcher Brown – Rock the Boat RMX

Houseshoes – Stro-elliot-a-01-the-summer-love-song
Stro Elliot – Summer Love Song

Blakeskowron – Onewordconversations
Blake Skowron – one word conversations


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