8reg – “Fluctus Dome ~ Stellar Winds” (Release)

Japanese beat maker 8reg recently dropped Fluctus Dome ~ Stellar Winds, a double album released by Inner Ocean Records. 8reg takes advantage of the cassette as a dual sided format, sharing two separate albums in the same package. They truly do feel like different albums. The first 14 tracks consist of Fluctus Dome, which certainly has more of an upbeat personality. This album has its roots in dance music, with various nods to disco and house. But the dance elements are very much filtered through the smoked out haze of the modern beat scene.

Stellar Winds plays much more mellow, taking a slower, more meditative pace. However, it still features a number of tracks with a similar flare for cutups as the first half. 8reg’s productions share a shimmering, aural glow, which keep the albums cohesive together, but they tell distinctly different tales. Stellar Winds is much more relaxed. For a little later in the evening.

You can download Fluctus Dome ~ Stellar Winds, or cop a limited edition cassette tape on the Inner Oceans Bandcamp page, or through

8reg, from Tokyo, Japan, is hitting the beat scene with some serious heat. Following up from his debut tape release with Nekubi Tapes, 8reg delivers us not one, but two albums packed with soul dance jams and chilled out beats. This double album will provide you with audio delights all summer long!

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.

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