Locals Only, Vol. 12 (May 2016)

We’ve switched the format up just a bit for our Locals Only series, as instead of sharing only five Indiana-based artists at a time for each volume, we now go through and add everything from any given month and put all the songs on a playlist. We are still taking the filter off in this series, and we’ll continue to showcase various Indiana hip hop related artists. This will allow us to share more!

Today we have 33 different tracks (videos and songs) from Indiana-based artists for you to check out. We have songs from Oreo Jones, Blooded The Brave, Clint Breeze, John Stamps, M.M.Y.P., J Ice, Mister Porter (aka Jaecyn Bayne), Shxps, AG Tha Pharaoh, and many others.

Check out the entire series here.

Our Locals Only series showcases various Indiana hip hop acts that have recently put out music, and pays homage to one of our favorite now defunct venue(s) that housed so many hip hop acts in years past (including many of our events). Dive into these five new songs below and let us know which ones you like best.


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