Locked-In with J. Brookinz & Grey Granite | @greygranite @jbrookinz

In the last 48 hours, Heavy Gunners Grey Granite and J. Brookinz decided that they were going to “Lock” themselves “In” at a spot in Broad Ripple (here in Naptown) to finish out their GateWay Drug 2 project. What did that mean? I really had no clue until I showed up. Let me recap my day that led to me spending most of the evening in a basement full of artists, smoke clouds, liquor, and creative spontaneity.

I read an email received from J. Brookinz around 3:30am (actually that is when I got the email, I actually got a text the day before) that invited me to stop by a spot in Broad Ripple to get on a Naptown posse cut, of sorts. I downloaded the beat, and actually was going to write to it, but decided I should probably sign off for the evening instead.

I had forgotten about a photo shoot the Spitten Writtens cats were doing downtown for their clothing line they’re debuting in May, but I saw a tweet about it, hit them up online, and headed downtown to the shoot.

I got where I needed to be, and the doors were locked. Since I didn’t have the cats’ numbers, I hit up my homie Tony Styxx, who I thought may be in the building. Turns out he was driving right past where I was on his way to park, and as I waited for him to get to where I was, the homie Scoot Dubbs randomly wheels past me on his bike. Needless to say, he then became part of the photo shoot. We’re upstairs chalking it up, and the Gate Way Lock In gets brought up, and I start feeling like this is going to be some sort of epic event. I was thinking of just emailing an acapella, but I started to feel as if I should go and experience it. If only I smoked weed. Ha!

I hit up J. Brookinz and made sure he was in the building, and ended up rolling past. As soon as I turned on the street I saw the Heavy Gun banner outside the porch, with about 10 people just maxing out. As I get out the car, Bob G. Barker, Oreo Jones, and Grey Granite are walking from a spot they just parked with liquor in each hand. I walk up to the porch and run into WhoisLouis, alpha.live, the Spitten Written cats TR and CVAK, and a gang of other people I had never met. Of course Brookinz was downstairs handling the recording station.

I’m starting to realize that there is a whole lot going on, and it really is kind of an epic event for Naptown. There were probably 15 or so people upstairs, and 15 or so downstairs. It was like a house party of sorts. I get introduced to a cat that goes by JU (I think), Tag, and some other cat whose name I can’t recall right now. I will say now that Tag was randomly passed out on the couch throughout the evening.

After failing to concentrate to write my verse with everything going on (actually, I had forgot my cadence), I walked out and re-wrote my verse in my car.

I finished writing, got back out of my car, and headed down to the basement to record my part. It’s quite cloudy.

Bob G. Barker offers some of his Hennessey to me.

I had my second shot of Hennessey.

I finish recording, and now I’m just hanging out and drinking. J. Brookinz and folks are still recording, and music is playing in the background. Weed smoke, Gummie Bears, Rappers, Artists, Liquor, Beer, Cookies, Yats, Beats, and then ACE ONE and Freddie Bunz show up. uStream is going on in the background taking all of this in.

(At this point, I’ve had more shots, so the times may be a little subject.)

Bob G. and I finished up the Hen, and he talked me into going to get more liquor. Crown Royal was on the agenda for us, as the posse beat was playing in the background. Since we were wrapped up, we figured why not.

We got back from the liquor store and more faces have come and gone, some artists that I have met, and others that I simply don’t know their name. Forgive me. When we got back, a new beat was on, and Grey was recording to it. He wanted to know if anyone wanted to jump on it, so I opened up my phone and started scribbling. Well, not really, I was typing.

I’m writing, and people are coming and going still. New faces, friends of friends, etc. I specifically remember 2 cute ladies.

There were at least 3 people passed out, and I went in and knocked out my verse for the joint with Grey. Scoot Dubbs enters the building.

I got a text from a friend in town from Chicago, and I peaced out to go meet up with them in broad ripple. Kal-J is walking in as I’m leaving.

I stopped by the Jazz Kitchen to give a happy birthday greeting to Sir Doug, and see a couple friends, and J. Moore happened to be by the door when I was leaving. He mentions that he was going to be stopping by the Lock-In a little later.

I walk into Midtown and catch up with some friends.

My homie and I, whose nickname happens to be Crown, finish off a bottle of Crown in my car. Old school style.

My friends, who I met with, decided to duck out early. I was left with a decision. I decided to go back down the street to the Lock-In. Why not?

I walk back into the spot, and Oreo Jones is writing something, Scoot Dubbs is in the recording booth, Brookinz is at the recording station, Bob G and Tag are passed out, and Grey is roaming looking for keys. There are many new faces vibing to the music. Some of the peoples I think lived there.

J. Moore enters the building with Rally’s.

The Rally’s fries are gone.

Brookinz puts on a beat called Family, and Greys verses are lingering in the background. I started singing some randomness, and Grey likes is. I record it once we find Brookinz. Some cats that were just recording duck out.

A random lady comes in with peanuts in her cleavage. I don’t know man, I don’t know. I think Oreo ate a peanut though.

Brookinz is actually MIA, so Grey handles the recording process and accidentally deletes some shit. It comes back, and J. Moore records his intro. I decided I was spent, as well as a couple others, and I headed home.

I had a good time. It’s nice to be around that type of energy. The thing is, that was only Saturday. Sunday was full of new faces, I hear. I’m excited to see/hear how this project turns out. Check out episode 3 of their series in prelude to the release, which is supposed to be happening on the 15th.


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