LONEgevity Releases “DreDilla Tribute”

Yesterday was Indianapolis’ DreDilla celebration, a party put together by Old Soul Entertainment, DJ MetroGnome and us at BDTB, and the party combined the works of Dr Dre and J Dilla. Donuts and 40s. The track below is a beat (or multiple) put together by LONEgevity for the evening that combines the two producers’ music and music they sampled into something new and fresh. Free downloads. Enjoy!

Tracks used:
Add-2 – Cassette Tapes (LONEgevity Remix)
Motherlode – When I Die
J Dilla – African Rhythms
J Dilla – The Red Remix
Solomon Burke – Get Out Of My Life Woman
Dr. Dre – The Chronic (Intro)
J Dilla – Untitled Beat Tape Track 6
Common – Cold Blooded
Donny Hathaway – Little Ghetto Boy
Dr. Dre – Little Ghetto Boy
J Dilla – In The Streets
Leon Haywood – I Want A Do Something Freaky To You
Jaylib – The Official
J Dilla – Say It
Jaylib – Champion Sound
The Weavers – Kisses Sweater than Wine
A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again
Slum Village – CB4
Jaylib – Heavy


When the needle drops.