Lord of the Fly “High $ox” (Produced by Zoomo) | @OfficialDKap

Apparently Lord of the Fly has a full scholarship from Wisconsin…to rap? Interesting. This song here, with the studdering-and-barely-on-beat rhythm by Zoomo, is a lyrical flexing of sorts for you to check out. Nothing mind bending, but not bad either. Definitely some clever word play. Give this a listen.

I rap under the name Lord of the Fly and just released a new single “HIGH $OX” which I think you guys would really enjoy. The track is produced by Zoomo and the cover art is by lukiebdoe. Currently I am a freshman at University of Wisconsin – Madison. I am in the First Wave Urban Arts Scholarship program and I have a full scholarship to rap in college which I think is pretty tight. Under this is the track on soundcloud, and the cover art is attached. Check it out and hopefully you guys will feel the same way that I do.

Download “High $ox” via Mediafire

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