Fuzzoscope – “Earwax Re:Collection” (Release)

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a beat-tape compilation, but today I give you Fuzzoscope‘s Earwax Re:Collection. The instrumental project features many different producers’ sounds, which I’ve listed below.

Press play below and head over to Bandcamp to check the various merchandise options. You can get it digitally via the name-your-price feature.

Palmo, Tab Jones, BobbitoPickles, Allone, Trops, Mogillah, Zoomo, Awlnight, Sumthin Gunny, Shungu, Sleepy Eyes, Jota Ese, All These Fingers, TMCT, DAN, CRVO, Loka, Onitram, Darktwaine_, Uplift, Asonic Garcia, Bun, Astral, Art Vandelay, Foisey, Nice Nate, Pax, Antoje, Radius, Eddouxl, False Tropics, Lakeson, Redbeard, Alecirace, Ziga Murko, Cultclassics, Great Dane, Mystery Cave, Kaya, YungMorpheus, Ewonee


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