MC Bravado x C-Nature “Dope Perspective” Release | @MCBravado

MC Bravado and C-Nature - Dope Perspective

Cypher Junkies members MC Bravado and C-Nature present an all-original 9-song EP with production from J57, Marc Beatz, Marxman, and Jay Butler.

MC Bravado’s latest project “Dope Perspective”, is a joint EP with fellow Cypher Junkies member “C-Nature”, and is available as a 9 song free download via . The project offers a style clash in terms of production, flow, delivery, and lyricism, yet their camaraderie as longtime crew members is evident through seamless chemistry from track to track. Furthermore, both artists
bring conceptual innovation to the table throughout, resulting in the project receiving love in the form of being thoroughly appreciated by hip hop heads and casual listeners alike. The lead single is called “Live from the End of the World” and was produced by Brown Bag All-Stars member and Sirius radio host J57 (full production list attached and can be found by downloading the album on Bandcamp).

Currently a high school English teacher in Baltimore, MD, MC Bravado’s work ethic in tireless. He is already gearing for the release of his latest mixtape “The Darwin Files” (expected in February) and has begun work on a captivating, genre-welding, new EP with Marc Beatz: 2013 is his year, assuming the Mayan Calendar is wrong.

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