Mecca:83 – “Ain’t Done Too Bad” (Release)

The talented Mecca:83 is hanging up the MPC, and he wrote about it in the letter you can read below. Additionally, you can stream and purchase the final compilation from Bandcamp.

Mannnnnnnnn it feels like a really ego-driven thing to write your “retirement announcement”. To be honest I didn’t want to write this, but I’ve been told I have to: so for the four of you who will read this, here it is.

First of all: don’t trip out if you see my name appear on a few bits & pieces in 2015. I have upcoming production credits on a few records due for release next year, as well as a few compilation joints which have yet to see the light of day. It’s all good.

If you’re just skimming this then please take away this one thing: it’s all love. There’s no negativity implied in my stepping back from music, no sense of bitterness at the scene or anything like that. Honestly I’ve been blessed to be involved in as much as I have. I’ve released albums, EPs and singles on Vinyl, CD and Cassette. I’ve played across the UK and into Europe. My music has been played by some of my all-time heros both live and on radio. I’ve led music workshops and participated in youth projects both at home and overseas. I’ve encountered some of the most talented, warm and creative people I could hope to meet. In short, I’ve had a blast.

The simple fact of the matter is that something has to give right now. I work a 40+ hour a week day job, I’m a father, I make music, I run a Record Label, I host a weekly radio show and I do the occasional bit of design work…and somewhere in-between all that I try to live a normal life! To be blunt, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day anymore and something had to move to the side.

So why stop making music? Why not quit the radio show? Or abandon your family?! To put it simply, I’ve achieved everything I set out to do with music and then some. I couldn’t be happier with how my career has gone since a young Soulpersona called me way back in 2004 and asked me if I’d consider working on demos for his new label called DigiSoul. Through that early connection I met Replife, Simon S, Marc Rapson and Deborah Jordan…….a year later I would start working on tracks for Replife & Deborah’s albums on Futuristica Music……..I never imagined I would work on “real” records, nevermind release a number of my own in the years to come. Like I said, I’ve had a blast.

So THANK YOU. If you’ve ever listened to, downloaded, or bought the physical copy of one of my records. If you’ve ever played a track on your show or written about me on your blog. I literally owe you everything.

What’s next? – Well i’ll still be hosting the weekly Expansions show on Frission Radio, I’ll still be trying to convince at least one of the Expansions family to finish a god damn record in 2015(!). I’m not going anywhere. I intend to get deeper into Illustrator & Photoshop this coming year and see where it takes me…I might even pick up a paintbrush again.

I’ve got no idea how to end this damn thing, so let me just say thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed at least a small portion of the noise I’ve made in the last decade or so.

Peace out!


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