Oisima “Goddess Remix Album” Release

Here are ten official remixes from the Goddess EP by Oisima, released through Pilot Records. Oisima is an Australian artist and solo producer, creating music that “revolves around swung, ambient and hip hop beats accompanied by lush and soothing synth lines, vocals and melodies.”

1. Glow (Mecca 83 Remix)
2. Hard Time (Bugseed remix)
3. Hard Time (Good Paul remix)
4. Hard Time (Portformat Remix)
5. Hard Time (Slamagotchi Remix)
6. In The Mood (Dailon Remix)
7. That Lovin’ Thing (Elaquent Remix)
8. That Lovin Thing (Galapagoose Remix)
9. Where The Light is (Kyson Remix)
10. Where The Light is (Sina Remix)


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