Mic Sol & ACE ONE Interview w/ Nuvo

Mic & ACE are getting ready to drop their first album together soon, and Nuvo did a whole write-up on the guys here recently. Check it out below.

Mic Sol and A.C.E. O.N.E. have performed as a hip-hop duo in Indy for years. This week will see the release of their first collaborative album, The Light. After hundreds of shows, the two MCs write with the audience in mind, and each song’s energy easily translates to a live setting.

Mic produced the majority of the tracks. “The way I handpicked the beats for this album, I only went with stuff I know will pop live,” Mic explains. “That’s part of the whole light concept.Stepping on stage, reaching for the light and changing your attitude, being more positive.”

That positive vibe doesn’t necessarily come with a moral message, and lyrics can be simultaneously crass and uplifting. Songs have a celebratory, party vibe laced with beats and rhymes, with trunk rattling beats and thick, Seventies soul samples diced up to a fine mix. Mic Sol and A.C.E. O.N.E. know that if they’re having fun, most likely the crowd will be too.

SP Star, who engineered the project and drops a few 16’s, elaborates. “People who come out negative rapping, gangster rapping or whatever, they don’t last. It’s the people who’ve been positive who are still around. It gives us the legs, the longevity. It keeps people wanting to listen. We’ve got a positive outlook on life.”

“When Mic first gave me the album music, I was just like, damn, we just did the live show,” A.C.E. O.N.E. says. “I can definitely see it coming from the fact that we have done a ridiculous amount of shows. We try to spark some movement.” Nuvo | Read More


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