Mike Schpitz, Mike Murder Preview and Downloads

YO! Homie Mike Schpitz is about to release a new project “Mike Murder“, and has leaked a couple joints off the project. I got to hear one live when we did a show with him back in early March, and dude is simply nasty. He had the whole place waiting for his next line. This project is going to be bananas if the first few leaked tracks have anything to do with the project. Without further ado, here’s some other info on the project. Fux with it!

“It’s been almost 6 months since the release of my last project, Love Potion Number 9th: The Hangover and a year since my debut album, Sunday Drive with Phys Edison so, I wanted to bring a whole other aspect of my music out in 2010. My first leak from my new project, Mike Murder is Mike Is Like. Mike Is Like will be followed by two more leaks and the full mixtape. Mike Murder is sponsored by some of the net’s most respected sites who I have managed to build relationships with since I began releasing music. DJBooth.net, Ballerstatus.com, YNotMyDream.net and RefinedHype.com. PMG Media is the other sponsor, who has helped me since I began releasing music from Sunday Drive. Please listen, download and share Mike Is Like and stay tuned for the following two leaks and the full length mixtape, Mike Murder. Pictures were taken by Dakota Blue Harper. Music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Classick for Classick Studios. “ – Mike Schpitz

“Back with another leak off of his new, cleverly titled project Mike Murder, Mike Schpitz returns back to the Booth with Superman-like lyrical prowess. Resurrecting 50 Cent’s menacing Enemies instrumental, Mike flips the script, using Dr. Dre’s production to create Death to My InnerMe’s: a lyrical vanquishing of some of the emcee’s personal issues. Mike is razor sharp on this one as he slices, dices, and rips apart the beat for four straight minutes. While it seems like a long time to hear someone talk about themselves, there are few who can do it with the wit of Schpitz. Weaving ‘90s pop culture references with the occasional jab at your girlfriend, the clever emcee properly silences his critics and proves why we chose to sponsor Mike Murder. He even goes as far to say that he “held back” on most of his previous released material. If Inner-Me’s is Mike’s version of holding back, then when he lets loose of Mike Murder on May 26, the apocalypse might just be upon us.” – djbooth.net

Download “Mike Is Like” by Mike Schpitz HERE

Download “Shark In A SkyLark” by Mike Schpitz HERE

Download “Death to My InnerMe’s” by Mike Schpitz HERE

You can check out Mike on Twitter and www.mikeschpitz.com


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