Listen to No Cosign Records Label Compilation, V2 (Release)

No Cosign Records has emerged with their fifth release since inception in September of 2015, and this one is a free compilation of artists they work with. The project has beats and instrumentals, a remix, a hip hop song, and even a piano ballad with a total of seven tracks. Listen to songs from Bangers by One, Maja 7th, ILL Brown, LONEgevity, Gritts, AL GO RHYTHMIC, Mike Schpitz below, and hit up Bandcamp for the free download via the name-your-price feature.

The songs are all brand new and never released, and feature instrumentals and beats, a remix, a piano ballad of sorts, and a grimy hip hop song. Get familiar and download for free (we won’t say no to donations).


When the needle drops.