Maja 7th – “Songs In The Key of Marvin” (Release)

Maja 7th returned a couple weeks ago and released his Songs In The Key of Marvin, an instrumental project dedicated and using samples and renditions of Marvin Gaye’s music. Stream the nine-track project below and catch the vibes, and stream/cop from either Bandcamp, Spotify or iTunes.

Whenever Hip-Hop sonically meets Soul legend Marvin Gaye its always the inception of a classic. Indianapolis, IN producer, Maja7th was inspired earlier this year to put together a 9-track ‘instrumental’ EP “Songs In The Key Of Marvin” as a tribute to the genius.

With fresh arrangements, Maja7th built this EP with a selection of atomised samples and acapellas procured by DJ TopSpeed from various songs off his catalogue, re-purposed each of them using live instrumentation, birthing new vitality into the motown standards.

Cut from a similar cloth to Madlib and 9th Wonder, the Indiana musician defines musicality highlighting his extensive repertoire using an array of instruments throughout all 9 blends including piano, retro synths alongside his MPC, with some input from Jerome Sloss [Saxophone] and Andrez Allen [Bass] on the collaboration “When You Want Me.”


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