Oreo Jones – “Cash For Gold” (Release)

Oreo Jones has been working on getting his Cash For Gold album ready for release for over a year now, and the day is finally upon us. Premiered earlier today on Pure Volume, we’re happy to share the latest from the talented Indiana native. The 16-track full-length has features from Naptown artists Sedcairn Archives, KO, Flaco, Sirius Blvck, Miss Mess (J Hex), and John Stamps. Cash For Gold is yet another great piece of art from Oreo Jones, but don’t take my word for it, listen down below.

Speaking on the Cash For Gold release party and so much more, head over and read Kyle Long’s article about Oreo’s new release in Nuvo. There you will also find pictures from the release show last weekend.

You can pre-order the album ahead of it’s release in a few hours from iTunes. He also has vinyl and cassettes available, and you can check out more from Rad Summer‘s website.

“Cash For Gold is a nod to those ubiquitous pawnshops signs that seem to blot every poor and working class inner city neighborhood. The signs entice people to turn over their most valued treasures for a quick hit of cash they so desperately need.” – Oreo Jones


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