Paul White – “Everything You’ve Forgotten” (Release)

UK producer Paul White reemerges with Everything You’ve Forgotten, a psyched out beat-tape blended into a continuous mix and self-released for free directly from the artist. Paul White is hardly new to the scene, having released a string of high profile instrumental beat releases since the late 2000’s. He also has production credits and collaborations with prominent underground rappers like Danny Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Open Mike Eagle, and more.

Paul White is known for his eclectic sampling and sound collage. His knowledge of 60’s – 70’s psych runs deep, and is a constant thread throughout his productions. Everything You’ve Forgotten is no exception. Spaced out synths and guitars make up the backbone of the production, and are mixed with snapping acoustic breaks, electronic beats, and other esoteric percussion. White also plays his own instruments and synths, so the line between sample and original content completely blurs. Danny Brown makes a brief cameo on one of the tracks as well! The entire tape is mixed seamlessly into one 29 minute track, for a non-stop zone out experience. Highly recommended.

Stream Everything You’ve Forgotten below, and download for free via Paul White’s Bandcamp.

Beats in the morning. Beats in the evening. Beats at supper time.

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