Pep Love “Hip Hop My Friend” Video | @peplava @northboundfilms

A little late with this one, but Pep‘s upcoming Rigmarole is dropping soon (3/6/12)! Directed by Jordan Ching.

On March 6th, Pep Love will release his long-awaited sophomore solo album, Rigmarole. The album, being released through the Hiero Imperium label that Pep was instrumental in co-founding, is Pep’s first official album in 11 years, and is a deeply personal project, one that often deals with the trying times Pep went through as he figured out where music and life were taking him.

Pep’s latest single and video, “Hip-Hop, My Friend,” plays directly to that sentiment. Featuring a funky guitar riff throughout, along with scattered, triumphant horns and soulful crooning vocals, “Hip Hop, My Friend” is the perfect backdrop for Pep Love’s intricate tale of his long lasting companionship with the music he views as confidant. And while Pep certainly isn’t the first rapper to write an open letter to hip-hop, he keeps it refreshing by focusing on the positives that hip-hop music and culture have provided him over the years, and particularly in trying times.


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