First Light – “Fallacy Fantasy” (Release) & “Los Lobos” (Video)

Heiro members Opio and Pep Love just dropped their collaborative Fallacy Fantasy album today, as well with the video above for Los Lobos. The track is produced by Unjust. Video edited by Spencer Groshong for Ineffable Music, and shot by Unjust.

Today, First Light is releasing their debut album, Fallacy Fantasy. The duo, made up of Hieroglyphics members Pep Love and Opio, has released a new video for the single “Los Lobos” to coincide with the albums release. Both the duo and the album were born out of Hiero’s “celebration of spontaneous musical collaboration,” and as anticipation for the album’s release has continued to grow through the previous release of videos for singles “Hold On” and “Lighters,” First Light is now excited to deliver the full album to fans via their label Hiero Imperium.

“Los Lobos,” directed by Unjust, who also produced the track, and edited by Spencer Groshong for Ineffable Music, rightly places all of the focus on Pep Love and Opio., with the two rappers’ energetic performance shots contrasting against the blank, sandy terrain. The use of minor video effects (mirroring, blending shots, motion blur) does the track justice, fitting in with the beats’ dreamy vibe, and the contrast of Opio’s laid-back verse and Pep’s more aggressive take offer a balancing dynamic that helps bring the track together.

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