Opio & Free The Robots – “Point of View”

Hieroglyphics’ Opio, and Free the Robots, just released a new single, titled “Let The Bass Go”, from their upcoming joint project, Sempervirens. You can be prepared for the new release to hit us in September. Check out each of the artists’ take on the project below.

Opio: Point of View was the song that I had the most fun recording. FTR and a bunch of my homies were with me in the studio and we were all sitting around talking shit and cracking jokes and those conversations manifested themselves into the lyrics. I really like the pacing of this track, the chorus and the verses mesh seamlessly, it’s just one of those songs that never gets old.

FTR: Point of view was created as my own version of a playful, uptempo party style track, blending analog drums with electronic synth. I made the track fairly simple with limited instrumentation and catchy hook melody, leaving it open enough for Opio to take over. Lyrically he connected with what I was going for in his own way.


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