Pope Adrian Bless – “Glass House (Lenny Bruce)”

Naptown’s Pope Adrian Bless is gearing up to drop his upcoming Neighborhood Lights project in a couple months, and today he let a track from release go. Press play on this track, and follow along with the lyrics. Track produced by Makwolf Preach. Enjoy!

Edit – Also, Pope and Feeray are shooting a video for their BDTB Wrap Up winning track, “Cigar Smoke,” this Saturday at Sabbatical. Read more here.

I’m TERRIBLE at holding music for too long so, here we go. #NHL doesn’t drop for another three months and it’s my bestfriend’s birthday, so today was perfect to release the intro to the album. The project is almost done, in entirety and will be released on April 25th. With all of that said, do what you must. (I feel the need to post the lyrics *scrambles through note app on phone* Pow! Here we go, officially.) ((p.s. This was originally gonna go on my Lenny Bruce EP… don’t ask questions, just ride with me on this one, lol)

Hook: (44 sec) (2x)
We screaming no surrender..
I promise we ain’t losing…
This syrup got me tripping…
This weed has got me looser…
I’m growing paranoid as I chain smoke…
Enslaved in my mind til the chains broke..

It’s alright, homie its okay (okay)

Verse: (1:10)
Pocket sized – prophecized – (St) Em.e.rald tablets..
(St) Flo-wer of life blos-som out these gardens – chakras burned (st) in my human effigy
(St) canopy bending recipes for torture – (st) wish I met my daughter
Child-hood (st) memories .-what she coulda been made as a noose (norm) to hang from…
Sit – on – the – edge – of – the – world – Adam Copeland
I’m – coping – with – Vicodin () steadily lean-ing
(St) Lead-ing.. wolves to a promise land of heathens
There’s no reason.. needed.
Clairvoyant teachings traded vagabonds for broken needles
Third eye steady blinking – double cup I’m steady stackin on
(St) sittin on a mattress (norm) – count-in ammunition for this dream I’m in
Or the team I’m on forgets that (st) I’m volatile enough to stand alone
Puppet strings in a bag of bones
Tatted tears on a mask I wore
It’s a masquerade of a maze or two
Frank to embrace bev when I bleed these songs
Write the wrongs, smoke the weed – this is how the hustle look
Baloo a an oz of green writing rhymes – that’s my jungle book
Underrated, overlooked – pride is now concentric
Totem poles with broken wisdom in the tint of it
I wanna beat box on hot blocks where rocks get sold
JY told me keep my head up….
As I (st) pigeon toe (norm) top this bread trail on a broken axis
Pictures on the mattress – whore on the couch
Cum stain energy swarms through the wreckless antics
I can’t even lie…
Scared to talk to God cus I can’t even see his eyes
Look me in my face – you plan to lie..
That’s my pride made of stainglassss.. (st) as the rain taps on his Cadillac
Fruit of labor tainted – fuck your apple patch
Ghet-to paladin – (st) ravished in Alchemy
Crown gettin snatched from the balcony – look for the traps
Dreamcatcher chorus – swan song through this flock of birds
(St) Rocking with homonyms – blew up the blue cus I knew em as fam
(St) I got blood brothers – they aim at ya man’s
They was just watchin..
Got a pocket full of stones – standing straight cus all this lean I swallow..
(St) Pocketed parts of a paradigm – looking for (norm) God in me
Basement steps in my veins.. cus (st) I was an addict in this house of cards..
Heart on my sleeve – these women kissing my battle scars…
Heartbeats inside a jar to Molotov on different streets
Gave my heart to everyone for niggas just to throw it back (back)
Labyrinth crash through a cybertronic battle axe I’m bound to swing
Aiming at those peasants that you salvage king – passion false
You flaggin false – you’ll die like Jesus Christ for tryna cross my path..
(St) not tryna be sacrilegious.. – but I know you’ll understand
Live with my gram at 22, being the man?
I don’t see it.
I’ve been sippin stronger potion just to cope with all the demons
Talk to voices in my head – they understand my lack of reason.
Nigga, pray…


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