Pragmatic Theory “Summer In The City With Rhymes” Release

Pragmatic Theory‘s Summer In The City “With Rhymes” may look familiar. The previous Summer In The City that we shared back in October in the instrumental version. You can check out that over here, and grab the version with emcee’s on it below from either Bandcamp or Mediafire. Enjoy.

ill Sugi x Supreme Sol, Gamera x Stainless Steele, S.F.T x Rizván, Keith Price x Drug, DJ Sapien x Mez, Warren Xclnce x D A H L I & HaZoD Feat. Frankie Stew, Mononome x Ibn Hasan, Snubluck x Tayke One, Byrdversion1 x Cor Stidak, JP Balboa x Redi Brown, Prozak Morris. Handbook x The Paramedics, Artonius x Classick, Nextwon x B.Lowe, Grossbuster x Your Man Manic, ScaleZ x Gigio, MOTD & Afryx_Q x w.o.l.m(nrs) & Sev Seveer x AMS Nerd King

Download “Summer In The City With Rhymes” via Mediafire

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