Red Pill – “Instinctive Drowning” (Release & Video)

Michigan’s Red Pill gets personal on his “Instinctive Drowning” video, that dropped earlier today. The video discusses depression, suicide and substance abuse, which Red Pill discusses often, and the video portrays him at a party being ignored. It gets deep.

If you haven’t checked out the full-length this song is on, also titled Instinctive Drowning and entirely produced by Ill Poetic, do that here. It fully releases tomorrow. I’ve added the stream below.

Red Pill says that he wanted the song and video, which shows him being ignored by guests at a party as if he was invisible, to “play on this idea that depression and substance abuse isn’t always easy to point out. Cries for help aren’t always obvious.”

It’s not often the art we put out is as heavy as this. Red Pill, known for being filthy honest, has taken it to a new level and created something so intimate it hurts to watch knowing this is his life. Red Pill is more than an actor and this is more than a script – this is the baggage he carries. As a label all we can do is thank him for his honesty in art and shed a tear for one of the most heart wrenching lyrical displays we’ve ever heard. For all those going through the pain of addiction, loss, or anything else, we offer this merely to let you know there are so many out there who get it, who are living through it with you from a far.

Video Produced by Ill Poetic & Ason Intrigue
Assistant Producer Micshon Harper
Directed & Edited by Ason Intrigue
Cinematography by Ronald Copley
Story by Red Pill & Ason Intrigue

A Fringe Life Production Starring…
Red Pill, Ill Poetic, Micshon Harper, Pirate Krew aka Top Camp, Matt Havernek, Phil Sines, Megan Ridge, Jenni Thompson, Jenni Thompson’s friend who we never found a name for, Gwrii, Nes Wordz
Colb Kampa, Grant Gatsby, Angela Makeever, Ason Intrigue

Special thanks to Life Lies Bleeding and Chelsea Anders


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