Repeat Pattern & Fitz Ambro$e – “Chopp II” (Release)

Japanese lo-fi beat heavyweights Repeat Pattern & Fitz Ambro$e join forces for Chopp II, a new experimental collaboration tape out now on Brrwd. Repeat Pattern and Fitz Ambro$e show their veteran status with this collection of 19 expertly crafted beats. The tracks feel effortless and without a sense of ego. They aren’t flexing to impress. The production maneuvers serve the greater good of the tracks, but are distinct and unique. While this tape includes many of the hallmarks of the modern lo-fi beat movement, these cats spin it on its head and make the format feel fresh for those immersed in the sound. Highly recommend.

Tape homies best move quickly if you wish to grab one of the remaining 100 cassette tapes. Snag one, or cop a digital download through the Brrwd Bandcamp.

a2 ft. submerse
a4 ft. sauce 81
a5 ft. malik abdul-rahman
a6 ft. submerse

David Peck

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