S.K. “The Jab” (Produced by Wes Manchild) | @PhillySK @WesManchild

Isn’t this some triumphant stuff? I’m definitely feeling this joint from Philly’s S.K. and producer Wes Manchild.

All trainers and GREAT boxers (Ali, Big George, Oscar, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard, etc.) know that the jab is thee most important underutilized tool in boxing. A good combination has three elements: hook, jab, uppercut.In hip-hop, a song has three elements: The chorus (hook), the verse (jab) and the bridge uppercut). Hip-hop artist S.K. has been in the gym (studio) cooking up combinations for some time now and with the trailer above as the introduction to his new weekly series #TakeoverThursdays, he’s ready to throw some knockouts to the competition… and he still has #NoSympathyThe jab is a beautiful thing …appreciate it.


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