Shigeto x Devonwho – “2010” (Release) | @__SHIGETO @devonwho

Shigeto and Devonwho worked on a 12″ project back in 2010, but it never saw the light of day. Well, a couple days ago, the two beatsmiths decided to let the project go for free. You can stream the entire project below, and if you’re digging it, you can download each track individually for free from Soundcloud.

It’s been nearly 5 years since Devonwho and I were working on a joint 12″ for All City Dublin. Since life doesn’t always go as planned (especially with artistic investments) we never released the tracks and have been sitting on an EP of sorts ever since. In a recent conversation with Devon, we both thought it had been long enough and we should just give them away…


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