Skittz & LONEgevity Presents Beats & Breakfast S2E1: “Time” ft. Ace One & Pope Adrian Bless

After a great time with Season 1, Indianapolis’ Skittz and LONEgevity sat down and planned out a second season to their Beats & Breakfast series. This time around the two got with Thomas Roberts, who directed the season’s activities (and also does great things with us at BDTB). This season features 10 episodes and 11 songs. A new episode and single from the project will drop every week until the release on 5/27/14.

The first episode features Indianapolis’ Ace One and Pope Adrian Bless. All music in the video above is music produced by LONEgevity. Lyrics to the song, which is also listed below, is well…listed below.

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Chorus: Lonegevity
Better get your living in while you can – yes believe
The older you get more time flies but know that you can leap
Before you know it time has passed you by – you say don’t leave
Make the best of every moment at hand that you see

Verse 1: Ace One
I’m double-fisted, runnin’ through this wide world of livin’
Sippin’ whiskey in a jar, straight, Thin Lizzy
My intentions are precise, as incisions
Use every minute given wisely, before I spend it
Shhhh…if you listen, you can hear the clock tickin’
Tockin’ non-stop, as the time keeps slippin’
Tempus fugit, time flys, no kiddin’
Find ya’ rhythm, increase momentum
Make waves & storm the shore with no quarter given
Immortality, it’s yours, go get it
When ya’ got it, then ya’ got it, burn hot as molten liquid
Stay cold as frozen liquor, but never go frigid
Remember, the 6 P’s, don’t ever forget these
Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance Please believe
Whether 9 to 5, on the grind, or rockin’ mics
Keep ya’ money on ya’ mind, and ya’ mind on ya’ time


Verse 2: Skittz
Styles remain tied up at the dock…bad move
Float away smiling with these eggs…hatch two
Build and let go put my effort into action…
See it glow, plant the seeds of satisfaction
Next move…GET UP
Agenda no pretender we define to realign transmission mind bender
You can hear it when I drive by…see it when I move
Hoping younger knuckle bumpers one day get into the groove
If they don’t then I know I got HOPE…that’s POPE
Underground indeed, never need to throw a rope
We like it down here…cooler to the touch…
Like good for your soul…put your hands upon the rush
Lay my plate at the table with those that work tables…
Merch or spin doc, repel with no cables
Fly free…yes indeed…this is drop zone 3
Your clock grew wings..more skies…less trees


Verse 3: Pope Adrian Bless
Hugs feel like air conditioning –
Fingertip ceiling fans when you touch ya children
Glass houses in your retina, for better or worst, it’s
I found a home in the hearse where we traveled the distance..
The phone cord rotary bone fingers you used
when you spoke in sign language – I understand
You took a bath in radiant wrath, you thought it was clean
Kiss of death with use of machine guns – kind words.
Every time I rhyme words – you called me Jesus
You said I got my point across – no pun needed
Christopher Rios – you have to see where I speak from
Christopher Wallace – A big deal when you seen son
Pac wrote the bible – you saw Nas as Nicodemus
I smoke a lot so I’m enthralled by every nicotine patch
War paint from carousel’s canvas – life’s fair
Cigarette smoke on your grave – all city cult

When the needle drops.

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