Sylvan Lacue – “Selfish” (Video)

Sylvan Lacue has returned with another minimalist video in “Selfish,” directed by Jonathan Benavente. Sylvan is looking to release a new project later this year, titled Apologies in Advance.  I’ve added the single below for you to purchase. Read an interview that WiseUp did with the artist from this link.

AS: I remember being surprised that you fell victim to depression as recent as after the release of “Far From Familiar” but was even more surprised when I recently went back and listened to “Maybe I Should”. You talk about contemplating death even back then. Then on “C.O.T.” it’s the addiction to thinking. These themes have been prevalent in your music for your while now. Ironically, Logic has “1-800-273-8255” killing radio as we speak but last week you tweeted about how mental health should be addressed before suicide even enters the picture. What are some patterns in mental health that you’ve observed or experienced and what do you think are solutions? On this new single you say your mother advised you to “work out proper, eat more veggies, drink more water.”

SL: I’ve contemplated suicide once in my lifetime. That was a really low point for me and God willing, I’ll never get there again. Depression patterns for me start with a voice. A relatively little one. And everything around me fuels that voice and makes it louder and louder. We experience so much anxiety and depression because we’re exposed to so much on a daily basis. If I have a bad thought one day, something as simple as ‘man, I’m not doing enough to further myself’. That voice might be fueled by something I see on Instagram, or a tweet I see on Twitter, or someone living their best life on Snapchat. Then my overall perception is thwarted. I had to realize I’m not my thoughts. And that’s just one thing, shit gets deep… I’m just tired of us only paying attention to mental health when suicide or suicidal thoughts come into the picture. You don’t start paying attention to cancer when it gets to a stage 4 do you? Like… do you know how much you have to go through to get to a state of depression? Not talking about a bad day or a crummy week. I’m talking waking up every day in a state of depression. Let alone suicide. I feel like we gotta start the conversation earlier. What are we going through on a daily basis? Where are some of these emotions that we’re experiencing stemming from and how do we face them head on? Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” is 1 thing, but its not enough. We have to find a way to go beyond that and get to the real root of some our issues before we can even get to suicide. Mass awareness of a suicide hotline isn’t enough to spark change to whats really going on inside us. A suicide hotline is for when you’ve completely lost sight of any reason to continue living and want to end it. I’m trying to find out how we can stop some of these detrimental behavioral patterns so that phone never has to be picked up to call that number again. Obviously I can’t save everyone, but we have to find ways to really do something about what’s going on in us internally. I don’t know what that is exactly. I do know it starts with conversation. And that’s what “Apologies in Advance” is all about. That spark.

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