Sylvan Lacue – “Empathy” ft. BJRNCK (Video)

Sylvan Lacue has recently released a new visual for his “Empathy” song, which is a single off of his previous Apologies In Advance project. The song features the vocals of BJRNCK, was directed by Jonathan Benavente, and the cinematography was by Nick Mahar. Read a little bit about the video’s direction below.

“I wanted the video to reflect some of my personal experiences with empathy and being empathetic towards others. First scene starting off with my first experience with sharing my issues openly with someone. Which is getting a haircut with my barber. I feel like almost every black male’s first true interaction with therapy is with their barbers or at the barbershop. The verses are incredibly surface level, almost in a casual frustrating way. Then it transfers over to actual therapy, but with a woman. My second major experience with sharing my issues with someone, was with a woman that I loved dearly. I delved deeper into my problems because of the comfort level I experienced by being loved by another woman,” which is what I wanted to symbolize in the scene with BJRNCK (the Chicago songstress who guests on the record).” – Sylvan


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