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This is really fresh, and this is why I check every email. The Other Guys, which consist of Mighty Joe and Isaiah Insanate Mensah, got with a handful of DMV jazz artists to play on this album. Check the write up below for more information, and grab this free album below. Tell your friends.

The Other Guys, Arguably the DMV areas most underrated hip hop duo, release their new album titled “The Other Album” this week on Oct. 9. Since the release of their last album “Joe and Insanate’s Excellent LP”, the duo has been featured on numerous hip hop websites, blogs, and publications. They somehow even found the time to produce the new single “So Enormous” for underground hip hop veteran P. So the Earth Tone King which has amassed a hefty dose of notoriety.

For their new album,they contacted legendary local jazz musicians Tony Washington, Peter Lewis, and even James Morris to play on the LP. The duos main producer Joseph “Mighty Joe” Myles, whose been playing piano since the age of 9 proves his music lessons were well worth it when he adds his own instrumentation as well. The result creates a beautiful blend of current hip hop and jazz that listeners haven’t been privy to since raps golden age. The emcee, Isaiah “Insanate” Mensah as always paints stellar pictures using melodic flows and jaw dropping lyrics. The project, executive produced by The Other Guys themselves, charts sonic terrains familiar to hip hop purists while being innovative for ears seeking refreshing sounds. These guys do creativity in abundance and “The Other Album” is a reflection of that in every way. If you haven’t heard them by now, here is your opportunity.

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