Troy Ave ft. Avon Blocksdale “COKeAMANiA” | @TroyAve

Give this a listen.

For the 1st release off the highly anticipated BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3 The Harry Powder Trilogy TROY AVE takes us on a in depth journey into the world of “Fish Scale Weighing & Semi-Autos Blazing” with an electrifying record titled “COKeAMANiA”. This unmannerly but provocative, Heavy bass fueled HARRY POWDER cook up features BSB. [Bricks Star Boyz] member @AvonBlocksdale, and puts forth ingenious metaphors that parallel in sound to the “GOLDEN ERA” of RAP! This Record aint for Muthafukas that aint used to come outside, This that set the streets in a frenzy, willing to catch a charge cause “I Dont Give a FUCK! i Got Bail Money Music!
If This is even an inkling of What BRICKS IN MY BACKPACK 3…. The Got Damn Harry Powder Trilogy is gonna to sound like …….
Then Shiiiiiiiiiiit [Clay Davis the Wire Voice]

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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