Upcoming Event: A Night of Remembrance & Cerebration for Mpozi (7/20/12) | @djindianajones @WhatTheHelicon

This is going down this Friday at Locals Only. Check out the facebook event for more information. BDTB’s DJ Jay Diff will be spinning along side many others.

Come join us at Locals Only Art and Music Pub for a night of reggae and good vibes. This is a simple gathering for those that knew Mpozi..come out and chat, have a drink, and enjoy the entertainment. Live music from DJ Indiana Jones, DJ Helicon, DJ Danger, DJ Dicky Fox, DJ Spoolz, DJ Jay Diff, and live music from Echomaker. Doors at 8:30pm.

PLEASE…we encourage any and all to bring a camera out and take lots of pictures with those that you know, haven’t seen, or just met that night. Mpozi has taught us that the photo speaks volumes over actual words every day.

$5 cover…those funds will go towards the entertainment and also to raise funds for the Tolbert Lane Project. The Tolbert Lane Project is an ongoing fundraiser spearheaded by friends of Mpozi in order to develop alley where his mural resides…rename the alley Toblert Lane and make improvements in lighting, amongst other things.

I'm just trying to make my art and do what's smart. Cake donuts are clutch.

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