Warm Brew – “The Mission” (Video)

Check out the extra dope groove from Warm Brew‘s “The Mission,” as they just dropped a video for the song. “The Mission” is from Warm Brew’s upcoming Diagnosis project, which will be dropping on July 15th. The video was directed by PANAMÆRA. I’ve added the lyrics from Ray Light, Serk, and Mani Li all below.

Verse 1 (Ray Wright):
Never been the nigga ta front cuz boy I used to get fronted
OG at 23 a P he shippin q’s for 12 hundred
That was a different day, cuffed it from Jackie he knew I’d pay
Had me a couple hoes just needed a Lac or a Chevrolet
Rebuilt a 7-9, full amount til this day I ain’t paid
I’ll get em back one day, they was rippin off niggas anyway
It ain’t no thang though
The world keep spinnin I kept grindin
Getchyo change yo
The kid kept spittin he keep climbin
It’s a –
Hard enough job tryin to stay on top
Just a dope young hood star got bustas sayin ima flop tryin to help the homies out cuz I got niggas gettin shot done felt my fair share of droughts now im takin these niggas spots
I moved from section to section
Fucked up n learned a few lessons
Served some payback wit no blessings
I be so deep in my sessions
It can’t be no more digressions
I ask these niggas a question
They response sound like they guessin
I pay it forward n press em
Cuz this is California
Westside Los Angeles ya dig
I bend me a corner, blow marijuana do it big
Aint self made or selfish, iIsplit the profit wit my click
Linguini wit shell fish, then blow some ones n hit the strip
I’m thrustin my pelvis, until she feel it in her tits
So transcontinental, we sippin liquor at the Ritz
Somewhere in south London, mayn catch me Stuntin wit jay prince
Get bread in abundance, break off my kin and never switch
Mundo –

Chorus 1 (Ray Wright):
I love my city, yea i love my dawgs
Ya told me don’t trip nigga I’ma pay it forward
Cuz me and you go back before
I had no dough for shoes, no-where to go
But mayn I love this city, ion love these hoes
On a mission for the scritch n nigga everybody know
Yea Its the 1 the 2 the 3 the 4
Westside Dub B
O – P – M at yo door

Verse 2 (SERK):
Yo keeping a shell around my mind a mental terrapin
tearing out my break line can’t slow down
so close i can taste this shit
standin up on a precipice of pullin up a generation
but I can’t forget the many lessons that it took to raise a nigga
land of the villain vacay
scam everyday for the payday
fam when I’m callin mayday
come on nigga you know
that I’m really puttin work in
on my back got a Kerchek
gotta rap with a purpose
on the path for the curses
blessings and questions this shit is a quest
for the best days
call me a rookie seen veteran thangs
call me a bookie I bet ima win
gotta keep pushin for the folks that held me down for ages
before a nigga ever had a dream of puttin the pen to pages
nigga had a team always leaned
settin some expectations
to my niggas a million thanks
for the support and patience
went from the poor to the paid
weather the storm n remained
our rapport never break
nigga there’s more to claim
lets pour the pain
n sip it we the champs
aint nothing more to say
I say I say I say I say

Chorus #2 (Ray Wright)

Verse 3 (Manu Li):
Me and you was jackin brews that was before the pub deal
Me and you would kick it all the time wit nothin not nihil
So much time to kill
Simple days were plain lays chips
On the days I’m most passed these are the most missed
But we Johnny we good we cash we Carson
If I sing these blues in folsom till my grave n coffin
If you got stabbed like Haley Joel Osmond I’ll head to Slauson
I’m making a tee for you
I’ll know what to sing I’ll know how to grief
You Remember playing madden till yo auntie told us turn that shit off. We only got older it’s crazy how we fell this far off
We went from talking everyday to just not talking at all
I guess that’s just how we grew up I know it’s nobody’s fault
And it’s not like me
Talking behind your back or bash you but I just gotta ask you
If you got a new number you never reply
Yeah I just gotta ask you
Yeah I thought that I saw you you never said hi
or was it goodbye
I hope you know
I know I know I know I know

Chorus #3 (Ray Wright)


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