Watch Masego’s New Live Video for “Navajo” (Video)

Watch a really dope video of Masego performing “Navajo” through the A COLORS SHOW. You may know Uncle Sego from his various saxophone work, but he shows off his vocal stylings on this one. Check the lyrics below.

I know you see it girl,
this aint sittin’ real good in my soul.
everywhere this little girl goes
she picks up another obstacle

She was my heart
I don’t the tribe or the fall
but by default
she don’t think of me

I thought she was an indian. (Navajo)
She be Slangin’ thangs like a simian (Now I know)
All my Life I wanted me an Indian (There She Go)
Now She’s far away.. But I had to know


In the street, with a wedding ring, and she hit the bar
City Babe, are you down to cheat, He looked in her eye
Chivarly… is it really dead? He pulled out a tip? (Pay Up)
Jumpin’ right on him

Thinkin’ when’s it good to intervene then i lost her
Lost her to the world and the girls and imposters
entertain, I doubt it’ll pay and it cost her
I aint mad at me but it hurt

I thought she was an indian. (Navajo)
Now She only worried bout’ the benjamin’s (Grab The Gold)
She Been lurking’ in my dreams
I Swear that eye’s on me.


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